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Insurance & Annuity Products

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be complicated & confusing. How much do I need? What type of life insurance do I need? Because I am an independent insurance agent, I can obtain competitive quotes for all types of life insurance, after determining what type and how much life insurance will meet your needs.

Do you have employer-sponsored life insurance? Do you know the details of it? Do you know who the beneficiaries are on your current life insurance policies? Have your policies been reviewed recently?

I can help answer all these questions and help you manage and navigate the unknown.

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Annuity Products

Annuities are part of the base foundation of the financial pyramid. They are not suited for everyone. Some provide downside risk. Some provide guaranteed interest rates. They can provide flexible income payouts. All annuities provide tax-deferred growth and avoid probate.

If you are interested in knowing whether an annuity is right for you, I can talk with you about the features of the various annuity products.